Introducing Scrader – where the best of social meets the power of commerce

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could conveniently discover products online without doubting the authenticity? Or how you can easily connect with people who need your products?

Yeah, you’re not alone.

There are multiple platforms where shoppers and vendors meet, so we understand that as a vendor, it’s becoming more difficult to decide where to sell your products and as a shopper, the options of where to discover and buy new products seem to be limitless. But the question is – with these platforms in existence, why does it still feel like there’s a disconnection between vendors & shoppers online? Why do you as a vendor still worry about when your next sale will be made? Or why do you as a shopper still get that tingly feeling of uncertainty when you’re just about to click the “proceed” button to make payments? Honestly, we’ve all had our fair share of bad experiences buying and selling online – this is why scrader was built. For you.

Every vendor’s desire is to increase sales and ease the methods of processing orders and for shoppers? We all just want to be assured that products we buy match the value of the money spent. Whatever the case is, the relationship is mutually beneficial to both and should not be as difficult as it currently is to foster this relationship. I’ll tell you how.

Scrader connects day-to-day shoppers and internet explorers with vendors who are trusted to deliver quality products only. With a system built to ensure that the complete shopping experience is simple, cohesive and fosters trust, here’s how scrader benefits you:

  • Shoppers can discover new products and vendors on their personalized feed or via our powerful product search engine. More visibility for vendors and a simpler experience for shoppers.
  • All products and images uploaded by vendors are vetted and include required descriptions and prices. Shoppers receive accurate information about the product and can easily chat with the vendors for additional information.
  • Your funds are safe. A safe pay system is integrated to secure payments for shoppers and vendors. How? Once an order is made, shoppers make payments to via bank account. The payment reflects in the vendors’ scrader wallet as a pending payment until the product has been delivered. On delivery, the funds are disbursed into the vendors bank accounts before/by the next day. This payment system is built to regulate and erase the fear of being defrauded, filter vendors with fake products away and ensure that every product put up for sale is of good quality.
  • Even more? Automated logistics are provided to minimize extremely long delivery timelines.
  • And just when you thought that was all, scrader also provides a robust customer support to minimize and settle disputes between shoppers and vendors on a case-by-case basis!

Running a business and reaching your audience can be such a tough grind but with scrader, we’ve created the easier way to sell more and the most reliable means to discover authentic products online. So, whether you’re trying to reach the people who want your products or you really just want to shop and feed your eyes, there’s something for everyone on scrader. Get started here.

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