Shopping on Scrader: How logistics works when you make an order

Moving products seamlessly and making sure they get to the right hands on time is the dream of every product-based business. This article shows shoppers what to do and expect between making an order and receiving the package on scrader.

P.S: We have also written an article to help vendors handle logistics

Step One: Select Options When Making Order

Before sending an order to the merchant, get a delivery price.

To get a delivery estimate, go to the Bag page and enter your delivery address. You will either get a delivery estimate or will be able to select your delivery region and price. If you don’t get a delivery estimate, you will receive a call to confirm order details.

Click “Send order to merchant” and receive payment instructions. 

Step Two: Receive Order Updates

You will receive email updates when the status of the order changes.

Step Three: Receive Package and Update Order

When you receive and inspect your order, confirm order delivery. To confirm order delivery, go to the order page. Click “Update Order Status” and click “Order Delivered” 

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