Shopping on Scrader: How to keep your funds safe when making an order

Payments are the heart of any business transaction. With an increasing rate of fraudulent business transactions online, you want more reassurance and transparency about securing your funds online.

Scrader is committed to ensuring all payments on the platform are safe. When you make an order, the payment is held in the vendor’s pending balance till you confirm delivery. This article shows you what to do to ensure safe payments when making an order. 

P.S: We also have an article to help vendors handle payments

Step One: Make order and receive payment details

After sending an order to the merchant, you will receive payment details to complete the order.

To get payment details, go to the Bag page, enter your delivery address and Send order to Merchant. You will receive an SMS with payment instructions.

Delivery will begin processing once payment is received. 

Step Two: Confirm Product Delivery

Your payments will be held in Scrader Escrow till you confirm that products are delivered. To confirm order delivery, go to the order page. Click “Update Order Status” and click “Order Delivered” 

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