Selling on Scrader: How to receive payments for your order

Payments are the heart of any business transaction. Every vendor wants reassurance and transparency about how they’ll receive funds for products sold. 

As a vendor, you will receive constant updates from Scrader till funds are disbursed to the bank account provided upon setting up your store. This article explains what you should expect when handling payments for every order made. 

Ps: We also have an article to help shoppers understand how payments are made safe.

Step One: Keep your account details updated

To ensure the payments system works properly, ensure your account number and bank name are accurate and updated.

To update your account details, go to store settings, under “Store and Payment Details”, enter your account number and bank name. 

Step Two: After getting new order

After a new order has been placed, your pending balance will update on the app dashboard. You will receive a notification when payment has been received. Proceed to delivery once payment is received.

Step Three: After Delivery

Once delivery has been confirmed. your balance status will change from “Pending Balance” to “Available Balance”. Your available balance will be paid out within 24 hours

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