How to upload images on Scrader

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your product images are your biggest salesmen. The quality of the products, images, and information you provide on Scrader will shape the experience shoppers have with your business. Our aim at Scrader is to ensure vendors can increase their audience and reach more sales – and it all begins with your product listing. In this article, we will guide you on best practices and tips to ensure that your products are seen by the right eyes on Scrader. 

Step One: Start with the Product

The first step to creating the perfect product listing is having a great product to begin with. After all, you can’t give what you do not have. Products uploaded to Scrader must be original, legal to sell and sold directly by you. Make sure the images, names and descriptions match the product being advertised.

Step Two: Get Your Photos Right

Online shoppers are drawn to what they can see. You might have a great product but if not photographed properly, you just might be at risk of losing a potential customer. Your product images should be attractive, high-quality, and convey the beauty of the product. Upload at least two clear images above 450px by 450px. The product should be completely visible in the image. Even better? Use a plain background with less distractions. Ideally, the images should be taken by yourself or one of your customers but if you are a retailer, ensure that you have rights to use 3rd-party images and make sure that what you advertise is what the shopper receives. Avoid downloading random images from the internet.

Step Three: Tell Us About Each Product

Beyond what shoppers can see, they’d also love to hear something nice. Tell a little story about your product. Use a short and easy-to-remember product name and ensure the product name matches the image. Use the description to provide detail about the features and benefits of your product. Include any available sizes or variation, and any frequently asked questions. Thankfully, Scrader makes provision for you to fill in all these details with ease.

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