Our Mothers’ Day Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers

Another Mothers’ Day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for sweet, practical and affordable gifts for all the amazing mothers in your life,  here are some of our top picks inspired by the last minute shoppers like you:

1. White AJ Mules

This premium handmade piece would go well with a range of clothing items – from iro and buba to a pair of jeans and a cute blouse, depending on what her style is. 

Why she’ll love it: It’s super comfortable and mothers just seem to have so much love for the color white.

Shop Now (Location: Lagos)

2. The Yadiri Midi Skirt

Sourced from high quality adire fabric, the yadiri skirt is every mother’s Sunday best. 

Why she’ll love it: It is lined and can be made in different sizes and colors like wine, yellow and green. It’s also the perfect hand-me-down for any daughter of hers.

Shop Now (Location: Lagos)

3. Candice Leather Bag

Handbags are to mothers as fishes are to the sea. The only thing better than getting her 1 handbag is getting her multiple handbags. 

Why she’ll love it: It’s fashionable, stylish and very practical.

Shop Now (Location: Lagos)

4. Braided Ponytail Extension

What better way to make her feel young again than to gift her with a nice hair extension?

Why she’ll love it: It is very convenient, detachable and reusable.

Shop Now (Location: Lagos)

5. BLF Flowery Earrings

Mothers and jewelry go way back. Remind her of how stunning she is with this timeless number. 

Why she’ll love it: It has a tres vintage look but will give a modern touch to her outfit.

Shop Now (Location: Lagos)

6. 3-step Pearl Necklace

When in doubt, remember what Beyonce herself thinks about pearls.

Why she’ll love it: Pearls never go out of style.

Shop Now (Location:Ilorin)

7. YL Gift Box

This box contains a handmade leather bag, a bottle of wine and some chocolate. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

Why she’ll love it: It’s thoughtful and perfect to remind her of how sweet she is. Literally.

Shop Now (Location: Lagos)

NB: All purchases made on Scrader are extra secure by our buyer protection policy and shoppers get to experience free deliveries to all parts of Lagos.

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