New: Shopping for Gifts Just Got Easier with Scrader Lists 🎉

We all agree that, in recent times, there has been a surge in the number of people sending & receiving gifts through social media both anonymously and otherwise. Gifting as a growth strategy is fast becoming a thing and we’re not even mad at it because the more the merrier, huh?

This is why we are thrilled to introduce Scrader Lists. This takes the number of interesting things you can do on Scrader a few notches higher as it strengthens our commitment to building a stronger connection between merchants and shoppers online. With this new addition, we hope to make finding and shopping gifts for people much easier while normalizing a the gifting culture in Nigeria.

What is a List?

On Scrader, your list is an array of the products you save that are made visible on your profile, making it possible for everyone who visits your profile to get an idea of the kind of products you love and even better – buy them for you right there and then. This feature was built on the principles of “see, save, share and shop” which means: when you see it, you save it then share it and shop for it…or get people to shop for you.

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What is so great about Lists?

Whether it’s your birthday, any special occasion or just to celebrate your existence, lists are great for discovering and organizing from merchants on Scrader.

Apart from being an easier tool for finding and shopping for gifts,  lists are perfect for getting people to know you in terms of your style and the kind of products you like. Lists are like your personal mood board that you not only get to share but can shop from at any time. How cool is that?

Planning. Lists are great for planning. As much as our ultimate dream is for you to shop till you drop on Scrader, lists will help you plan and know exactly what to budget for products you’d eventually shop for. 

Lists are easy to create, customize and share.

How do Lists work?

Now, allow us to take you through the practical steps of creating your lists on Scrader. The first thing is to set up your public profile on Scrader. The second step is to discover products you really want, but you won’t have to worry about that because on Scrader, you get product recommendations splattered across your feed. Trust us when we say it’ll be difficult not to see at least 3 products you want … or need.

Next, “save” these products so you don’t miss them. By the bottom right corner of every product image you see on your feed, there’s a little “save” icon. Click on it and then create a new list or add a product to an already-existing list. 

Finally, share your lists to your preferred social media platforms and let the shopping begin!

Want to get a more interactive feel of how Lists work? Then follow these steps:

  •  Get the Scrader app here
  • Create an account or log in 
  • Go through the feed, find products you love and start creating your lists

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