Behind The Brand with Adebola Aduwo

For every small business owner you meet, there are various reasons behind their decisions to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. This week, Adebola Aduwo, owner of fast-rising jewellery retail brand, Curioclass, tells us about how she turned her passion for collecting fine jewellery into a business of her own.

Adebola Aduwo

Hi Adebola! Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! I’m Adebola Aduwo. Nice to meet you. I am a writer, editor and an instructional designer. I love to collect jewellery and that birthed Curioclass. 

Nice! So what is Curioclass?

Curioclass is my baby! LOL! It’s my first business and I am pretty excited about it. So, the name Curioclass is a combination of two words – Curio, which means something rare, intriguing and Class, which means stylish excellence! A name is more important than we realize and the name, Curioclass reflects exactly what my brand is. 

When did you launch Curioclass?

I launched Curioclass in April, this year. 

How has it been so far? What are your expectations?

It’s been mostly interesting, to be honest. It’s a huge learning opportunity for me and I am embracing it. My expectations… my dear! My brand is doing amazing in such a short period, and I see Curioclass becoming the first choice for unique pieces soon in Jesus’ mighty name. 

Amen! Starting a business is such a huge leap. What inspired your decision?

It is! And truthfully, I never imagined I would own a business. I am a woman who is used to the nine to five work system only. I was one that admired my friends who were entrepreneurs, I just never saw myself becoming one. But the thing is, I have always collected unique jewellery pieces from such a young age, I have a good eye for fine fashion items. And the people around me try to steal my pieces all the time. So, I thought, why not turn this into a business? 

Haha, turning your passion into profit is always a good idea.


That’s great. So has there ever been a time when a customer was not satisfied with your product/service BUT it was genuinely not your fault?

No, I have not experienced that yet. 

May you never experience that in Jesus name o.

*laughs*. AMENNN.

Is there anything you wish you knew before starting your business? If yes, we’d love to hear it.

Oh yeah, I’ve always known this but running a business has amplified the fact that being a perfectionist is a good AND bad thing. I love everything in being in order and whenever there’s a slight issue, it gives me sleepless nights. Also, someone should have told me about the dispatch riders and how drying up my blood is in their KPI. Gosh.

Speaking of unreliable dispatch riders, what’s the hardest part of running a business in Nigeria? 

Nigeria is the hardest part. I am not even joking. 

How are you currently navigating Nigeria then? 

I will send you people a mail when I have an appropriate answer to this question. 

Lmao, okay. Are there any other things you do apart from running this business? If yes, tell us about them.

Yes! I write. I am extremely passionate about the rights of girls and women, you will find me thinking of measures to generally make life easier for my gender. I am an instructional designer in my free time (you people should Google it). Most importantly, Adebola is a full time baby girl! 



Advise us on 3 ways you are able to make your business stand out.

The first thing is great customer service is key! A good business owner should focus on ways to satisfy their clients. Secondly, my branding and packaging! I make sure my feed is interesting and pleasant to the eyes. And my products are sent out in a way that makes my clients feel special. Also, I have learnt that offering my followers valuable information keeps them closer. You shouldn’t always sell and sell. Sometimes, offer tips and guides for free. 

Facts. What are your top money rules for starting and running a new business?

Start small. Don’t spend so much money when you don’t know if your audience would accept what you plan to sell. Also, in everything you do, use a separate account for your business, else, it will end in tears. 

If you could sell 1000 units of any of your products right now, which would it be and why?

That would be the Reina necklace! It’s the most loved Curioclass product so far. 

I’m going to make you choose between the devil and the Red Sea. So, would you rather extremely unreliable logistics or constant failed payments?

Do you even mean me well? I would choose unreliable logistics. I will logistify myself, thank you.

What are 3 things you love to shop for online?

Jewellery, shoes and weaves.

Please take a quick look at and tell us the first word that comes to mind

Ahh. Eskeletiolebebe!

Tell me a word that rhymes with the word that came to mind.

Fantabulous! 😂 This was fun!

Thank you.

If you are a Nigerian small business owner or you know anyone that would be perfect for this and would like to share their stories about running a business, kindly send us an email.

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